Dating hand painted nippon

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Fake Nippon have a bright white, glossy background and a heavy, chunky feel. Check the quality of the painting; the pattern should have meticulous attention to detail, and brushstrokes should be uniform — reproductions usually have sloppy, uneven painting. Fakes also sometimes have a paper "Made in China" label, which unscrupulous dealers often remove. Van Patten, offer a wealth of information, photos and detailed descriptions of markings.

Dating hand painted nippon

Online resources also contain valuable reference materials. In addition, many antique dealers and museum curators now specialize in Nippon-marked china, and they can provide help in dating vintage Nippon pieces. If it's necessary to clean the piece in order to see the mark more clearly, a mild soap and water solution is most advisable and should get rid of any surface grime without damaging the surface. Any necessary repairs should be made by a professional, as inexpert repairs will devalue the piece even further.

Keely Brown has been a feature writer, arts critic, columnist and business writer since Warning If it's necessary to clean the piece in order to see the mark more clearly, a mild soap and water solution is most advisable and should get rid of any surface grime without damaging the surface.

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Dating Nippon Marks

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How to Collect Imported Antiques : Collecting Nippon Antiques from Japan

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