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Can anyone tell me if she gives oral? Finally figured out how to have sex in the car, you need to get her to go to the convinence store naked. Got her naked on the boat bu o sex. Completly strike out at the point. Win the strip contest and you are on the way to paradise. Again, does she give oral? OK, I have had sex with her at look out point and a blow job.

Found my way to the fountain for a weird photo shoot. Fingered her on the couch.

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I have not gotten her to go girls gone wild at the strip bar yet or at the dance club. I KNOW there is a way! Anyone know how to do it? Thx for the first walk-through, I never managed to bang her in the tub and car, previously. I wonder, htf do I get a bj? I tried like times, its just impossible. How do u guys get further than that?

You dont need to leave the building in order to bang her. You can easily bang her twice right in her house, after dinner in the living room, some wine and dancing. First on the couch, then in her bed right after. I can tell you exactly how to get a blowjob, but I need to know how to get to the photo shhoting! Well dated the bitch times, Got to f k her on the couch in the hot tub on the bed and in the car at the store parking lot. Got a blow-job and licked her cunt at the look ot point but didnt f ck her there, took her home and she ask me top stay the night at do her in bed.

I hate that she turns off the light in bed. Still want to figure out a way to fr ck her at the point and on the boat or the beach. Cant get her to do anything at thoes places. Allso how and where can do her in her but? Anything else that shje do thats interesting? Id apreciate any help. Got her to fuck in the car, on the couch, in bed, the boat, and got her to give oral.

You just need to think like a girl and you get laid like that. This game is really addictive. It always stops in the last kissing point. Does anyone else have this kind of problems? I can not even know where these places are. Okay for the BJ, you have to have eat dinner at home, and drink up to four glasses of wine. After dinner go for a drive.

Go to the gas station and fill up. Get in the car and drive to the outskirts. Ignore the urges to go to the cabret and continue to lookout point. Once there go with the whole picture thing and everytime go with the sexy option on the top half of her. After that you should be good.

And pray we all find real gfs like her. Well you know what i mean.


How does the patch work, to cet her at the senric in her bathingsuit, also how does the rebecca have the threesome , and where is the lube. I have been able to fuck her on a regular basis at her home in the living room. The house thing is pretty easy. Without going thru all the steps..

I start with the compliment, the book, kiss on cheek, kiss on lips then then into kitchen for two glasses of wine. Take a swim and then go out to dinner. From there to the Nightclub, go to bar and order Martini and beer. Back to the living room, slow dance, kiss, kiss neck, go on couch, kiss, massage shoulders, wine, play with boobs. Massage thighs, kiss, take off dress, massage back, kiss, play with pussy. You can download game and go to the file and click all the pics and photo scenes of the game. WTF does that even mean? Bump She updated the graphics http: This sounds exactly like my ex girlfriend.

I couldn't make that prude take off her top in the strip tease contest for the life of me. Anyway, cool story time: Like I always tried the creepy option before the proper one just cos there's always a chance. I've been making out with her while dancing and she's just taken her clothes off to go take a shower and invited me to join her.

If I can't close this, I'll have to get some tips from amazinmets. Originally Posted by SharkTank Originally Posted by gregorio. Originally Posted by Fear Itself.

Deep in the virtual underworld

Either we drink too much and she is drunk or she is unwilling to be a fun girl at the strip club. We eat steak at the house check out the hot tub and I get to fondle her titties after dancing but thats about it. I nailed her without ever leaving her place. Last edited by gregorio; at Do you have no respect for women like at all? I was cleaning my hard drive lol years ago and didn't recognize the folder. Opened it up, oh yeah BB code is On.

All times are GMT The time now is Have sex with Ariane. Page 18 of Send a private message to Machinehead. Find More Posts by Machinehead. Find Threads Started by Machinehead. Giving NY the business. Have sex with Ariane lol so weak dude. Send a private message to Fear Itself. Find More Posts by Fear Itself. Find Threads Started by Fear Itself.

Santa Monica, CA Posts: Have sex with Ariane The lipstick on the girl in the 2nd pic makes me want to throwup. Have sex with Ariane I could swear 3 from Tyler's list is the same one from that worst intro for a porno. Send a private message to Hardball Find More Posts by Hardball Find Threads Started by Hardball Have sex with Ariane Who is 3?

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Send a private message to SharkTank Find More Posts by SharkTank Find Threads Started by SharkTank Have sex with Ariane The one in the pink, after 2 and before 4. Have sex with Ariane Funny guy!

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Have sex with Ariane I wanted to say, "if counting is tough, try colours. Portugal, South America Posts: Have sex with Ariane It's our first date and you wanna go decor shopping ok whatever. Have sex with Ariane Bump She updated the graphics http: Send a private message to waffle.

Dating Ariane Game Solution -

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