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I continue to love all the conversations and dialogue in this drama and the quick resolution of any disagreement between Yul and Da Jung emphasizes how thoughtful and considerate they are of each other. They may not see eye-to-eye, but they are not averse to looking at the situation through the lens of the other person. Da Jung is winning over the support of the kids little by little without a lot of fanfare using only care and affection.

I can accept that her optimistic personality is probably the reason In Ho started to like her as well, and his candor in confessing his feelings to her did make my heart twinge for a second since he looked so sincere. Da Jung runs after the errant Woo Ri and clearly needs some lessons on basic traffic signals because she darts into the cross walk after the light turns red.

In perfect K-drama coincidence, a truck happens by and is about to mow Da Jung down and end our drama early until Yul magically appears and pulls her to safety. They roll a few times sadly the rolling is done in public and not anywhere in the sack and land by the sidewalk. Da Jung is surprised to see hubby here and Yul understandably yells at her for yet another impetuous near disaster averted. She gets up and he tries to only to yelp in pain. Hye Joo is holding yet another one of her press conferences when she hears of the near accident and informs gathered reporters.

Da Jung and Yul are both checked into the hospital, with Da Jung being fine but Yul going in for x-rays. He comes back and reveals his pinky is fractured. Hye Joo is annoyed that Yul got hurt trying to save Da Jung. Yul tells Hye Joo and In Ho to go handle the reporters. She is but is worried about him and wonders why he rushed in to save her.

He reminds her that he is doing his duty as a husband per their contract, and he thought about why she concealed information about Woo Ri and realized she is doing her duty as a wife. Yul tells her to get dressed and they are leaving now before he needs his blood pressure checked. Yul and Da Jung walk out with her clutching his arm but the position is awkward so Yul drapes his arm around her to show their solidarity before the reporters. Hye Joo and In Ho follow behind looking peeved as usual.

Reporter Byun goes to the precinct where Yul tried to get Da Jung arrested as a stalker and talks to the cops by being friendly and bearing energy drinks.

Woo Ri is in his room when Man Se pops by to inform his hyung and their dad is home and gets a glare in return. I would be more contrite, Woo Ri, since you almost turned your step-mother into truck roadkill. Yul and Da Jung return to their bedroom and she offers to help undress him since his hand is bandaged. She helps take off his jacket, his tie, and then tries to unbutton his shirt only to send a button flying. Yul immediately pulls his shirt closed and asks if Da Jung is a pervert? Yul orders her out and she heads to find Man Se.

Hye Joo is drinking alone and all I have to say is girlfriend needs a boyfriend really badly. She calls In Ho out to drink with her but he declines since he has another engagement. He reminds Joon Ki that he has his own contract marriage. Yoon Hee is practicing seduction techniques and tries it on Joon Ki when he comes home. Joon Ki is neither amused nor interested and ignores her as usual. She tries to cajole him to not be mad at her dad.

Joon Ki tells her to leave the room and she does. Joon Ki thinks about what In Ho wants him to do to Yul and realizes he means business. Yul looks at a picture of his kids and zeroes in on the rebelling Woo Ri. He stands up and goes to the window to brood. Da Jung comes in to get him for breakfast and pauses when he turns around to look at her. His presence flusters Da Jung and she quickly leaves his study.

She grabs her heart outside and wonders why its beating so fast. Da Jung is sewing frogs on the bed while Yul gets ready for work at his desk. She sees a halo around him and a heart pops out from her eyes and she swoons at him.


Da Jung goes outside to practice kendo and clear her head. Yul comes by and corrects her moves and gets behind her to show her to correct positioning. The President knows about the port construction and asks him to keep the country running. Yul wants the project reassessed and if there are any evaded taxes it can be collected to use for the people. He wants to do things right despite the President urging him to not cause any problems. Yul and Hye Joo leave the Blue House and she wonders what he will do if the President ends up opposing his strategy?

Hye Joo invites him to lunch but Yul declines to go home and spend time with his kids. In Ho asks if it was a reporter and Dad says it was someone claiming to be a fan of Yul. Dad turns around and asks In Ho is he if dating anyone since he is an eligible bachelor. The editor thinks this would make a good story and wonders if the Prime Minister knows about his wife and aide being so close? When Na Ra is asked about her homework, she reveals Da Jung thinks kids having fun is more important. Yul then imagines Da Jung chiding him for berating the kids at the dinner table.

His kids stare at him oddly and each of them decline his offer to practice kendo after lunch. Someone is missing his wifey. In Ho finds the lurking Scandal News reporters at the hospice and chides them for following him and Da Jung. He threatens to tell Da Jung unless they quietly leave. Da Jung is walking outside when In Ho tosses snow at her. She packs a snowball and throws it right back and they engage in a feisty snowball fight. Yul waits for Da Jung at home, checking his phone constantly.

Yul is sewing more frogs for Da Jung when he gets distracted and pricks his finger. Yul walks outside and finds Man Se waiting in the cold for Da Jung to come home. Da Jung pulls up and Man Se runs into her arms for a hug. After In Ho leaves, Da Jung asks why Yul is outside and he claims he came out for fresh air and is totally not here to wait for her. Even Man Se looks puzzled. Yul and Da Jung go back to their bedroom and he sits down at the desk and wonders why In Ho never told him about his brother at the hospice.

Da Jung says she found out from her dad as well. Da Jung then switches to perfect wife mode and brings Yul his paperwork, hot cocoa, and changes the toilet paper roll in the bathroom.

Prime minister is dating ep 8 recap

Yul orders Da Jung to tidy up the room and she eagerly does so. Da Jung wants to read to him first before she goes to sleep. Yul quickly climbs into bed and goes under the covers while Da Jung grabs the book and starts reading. Yul stares at Da Jung as she reads and she keeps reading until she sees that Yul is asleep. She looks at his bandaged hand and writes a note on it and thanks him for taking such care of her dad. She wishes him a good night and turns off the light as she leaves the room quietly.

Yul leaves for work the next morning and Man Se asks for a full hug before leaving. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Season 2 Episode 8. When the prime minister is kidnapped right before an important international arms summit, Poirot has just and a quarter--hours to find the prime minister. Clive Exton dramatized by.

What's on Nina Dobrev's Watchlist? Share this Rating Title: The Kidnapped Prime Minister 25 Feb 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Hercule Poirot Hugh Fraser Captain Hastings Philip Jackson Chief Inspector Japp Pauline Moran I wonder if it is just that certain main characters "click" as being like the viewer watching. There is some kind of connection being made that makes people passionate about a particular drama.

I'm just glad they keep finding new ways to give us romance. I can not fall in love enough. Dang, PM you can't get a break huh? Both brothers wants your wives!!! He needs a break. Aside from that, It's going pretty good. I'm loving the chemistry between the leads. But home girl gotta get over PM. She had 20 years to sing her love for him. Lets keep the story as it is.

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It's nailing everything for me so far. I fear for any potential scandal that Reporter Byun will come up with The unexpectedly amazing chemistry helps a whole lot, too, of course. Also, I can relate whenever Dajung swoons over the PM Madam Na trying is about as useful as the Queen trying in Empress Ki. Both wives have husbands who hate their FILs more than anything else in the world. They take out that hatred on their wives, whom they took in a political marriage, whom they never loved to begin with. I am dying to have Da-Jung start singing.

We caught a glimpse of her playing a piano. Am I expecting too much? OMO, I am so addicted to this drama it is not even funny. A few episodes back, I commented that Da-Jung is too good to be true. Now it is getting even more ridiculous how great she is. Her love for everyone around her is so incredible and that is why she constantly got into trouble. I am hoping she would spend some time with her former colleagues at Scandal News; for some reason, I think of them as her family. After all, they were the ones to sit on the front row of the bride's side at the wedding.

They also brought her father to the wedding. They are adorable and I hope they could get a big story rather than Report Byun. This will be OOT but it's been said by Yoona herself and her fans that out of all the characters she played, DaJung is the closest to her real personality - which is probably why she played the role so well - except YoonA is more of a prankster than DaJung will ever be!

I squealed with glee when I found out about the relationship!

Victoria, episode 8 review: many hearts were broken in the series 2 finale

Not only puppy SeungGi finally gets his dream girl Both are such sweethearts and also, I guess quick-witted YoonA will complements heodang SeungGi very well: D I hope they have a happy, long lasting relationship. I'm dying for them to realize their love for each other already haha. And is it just me, or was it weirdly abrupt for In-ho to just suddenly confess like? They hardly had any intimate interaction, so that was kinda out of the blue.. He hugged her right in front of her husband and that snowball fight is very intimate by Korean Drama standards not like a Western show.

In-Ho was also pushing to have Da-Jung invited to the banquet and he recognized Da-Jung as the one who got Kwon Yul pass the nomination process. If you ask Secretary Seo, she would be able to tell you how much affection In-Ho has for Da-Jung, on event after another. Yep, it's precisely because he's Mr Nice Guy to her, she finds him comfortable to be around translation: But just to see YSY stretch his acting wings a bit more, I wanna see how dark his character can get while still being redeemable!

I think they won't go there. Too much breaking the 4th wall.

While Kang is famous, we do not see him in person and he is not immediately related to the actress playing Madame Na. Having Lee show up would completely ruin immersion. It's lovely that two young people found love, but let's keep their private life private. I feel bad for HyeJoo because she's been with Yul's side long enough to make a move and make herself worthy of Yul's heart but she thought it's enough as long as she's by his side.

Not until DaJung's presence, she realized that being by his side won't guarantee his heart so now she's turned into threatening DaJung to not get attached to Yul which is impossible because, hello? Hell, even InHo is swooned. I feel sympathetic towards her for 1 reason: With DJ's arrival in the PM's household, Seo finally has a wake up call--it is not impossible for him to love again. Only problem is, the wakeup call is also the death toll of her 20 year one-sided crush on KY! He is in love with sb else, sb who only recently entered his life, sb whom Seo looks down on as a nobody, a dimwit, even.

That has got to hurt, soooo bad! Even with Yoon Ah's character visibly not liking Yoon Shi Yoon's character in a romantic way, the chemistry is still evident. My sister does not like Kang In Ho's character, but she still said that she can not deny that the chemistry exists. And a lot of people were worried initially that the Lee Beum Soo and Yoon Ah pairing would not work BUT now it is evident that the casting director knew what he was doing!

Hopefully more dramas would be more concerned in casting people with chemistry in the same project rather than focusing on casting so-and-so names without checking if said people have chemistry at all. If they are marketing romance, better make sure that it is believable I have watched a lot of dramas were certain pairings do not make sense simply because of the lack of chemistry.

They think matching looks and popularity is what makes a couple wanted. It's not, unless we're talking shallow viewers who can't see beyond some pretty oppa. No matter how pretty and fancy they look together, if the chemistry is not there, it just won't work. However good the writing or even acting may be. And I'm glad they made sure that at least chemistry wise, both pairings work here. Even if there is a clear main couple.

Since the two other characters interact, they need that chemistry. Chemistry is not just useful in romance, but also awkwardness, hate, alertness and other such dynamics. I can forgive and forget a lot of things in a drama if I think the pairing works LOL Even if there is no story at all. There is this one actress and most people recognize her for her skills, I have watched a few of her works but she did not have chemistry with any of her leading men. When I think of each drama separately, I remember the guys liking her character.

But I do not have any impression of any of her characters 'feeling' anything towards the guys even if she verbally says and physically acts that she likes them. What is even more impressive is that one of her leading men is said to be someone who can not act at all. Is this a case of one way chemistry? Sadly, this case occurs way too often. There are a lot of Kdramas, but the pairings that have two way believable chemistry is very few But sometimes even with an engaging story and characters, the lack of chemistry between the leads is so evident that it is jarring.

So in dramas where there is no story and forgettable characters these exists! And when I said there is a lot of Kdramas but the pairings with two way believable chemistry is very few - I meant it in a 'relative' way because there are around 70 dramas a year in Korea, and I do not watch all. Chemistry is something that's hard to see right away when casting.

Prime minister is dating ep 11 recap - The Three o five

There are some that you'd think that would, on paper, be great, but fail on-screen. This drama was the opposite case. I was scratching my head on this when I read the news about the pairing. Boy, was I wrong! But casting should not be based 'on paper' actually. There should be auditions and such. And chemistry should be something that they check, even if chemistry is not explosive then it should at least be something that is workable. The Korean drama casting and filming system comes with many problems. While the makers and artists might know what works, the decisions are down to the productions that want to profit from it.

And businessmen are clueless about artistic qualities or concepts like compatibility, chemistry, good writing etc. So they don't look for chemistry. They cast by looks and even more so, marketability. Their actors are the shoulders on which the money will be made, domestically and abroad. Yes, sometimes casting works and some productions do try their best to meet all the criteria, but not all do and not all succeed. Would be so funny! I really lol at the bedroom scene with Da-Jung on the bed, looking at Yul who had all the 'glow' around him BOF, anyone? That's one of the reasons I love this Kdrama - they can interject these magna type of animations during a real scene and do it so well that I don't want to throw a shoe at the screen.

Ordinarily, I hate those devices Jdrama seems flooded with animated inclusions. But 'animated inclusions' seem to be more of a twdrama than a jdrama thing, like Smiling Pasta. Or maybe because i have watched a variety of jdrama genres - jdramas are tricky, if the project is based on manga or anime then it will have a manga-like feel. You should try the genres of family drama, human drama and the likes. I feel all glowy when I see Lee Beom Soo, so to have it on screen was a hoot.

You are my hero. Love this drama and loving that although she is young and he is older that she is teaching him as well Would their partnership of revenge be safe? Won't the chief of staff balk to complete his plan? Am still shipping Madam Na with her husband. If it's wrong for secretary to nurse a hopeless crush for long, it's just as wrong for joon-ki to nurse a hopeless crush.

Not wanting joon-ki and secretary together. I agree, I feel so bad for Joon-ki's wife. I wish he would reciprocate her feelings. He does seem to at least find her amusing, judging from his smile in this episode. If the wife was having an affair that would explain Yul way better. Probably afraid to let anyone in out of fear of betrayal and pain. I just love this show and can't wait to pounce on the next episode.