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If you're looking for a date, and you're curious about the event, I say do it. Nov 28, 4, Johnston Ratings: Nov 27, 26, 1, Rochester, MN Ratings: When Freddy Court tried it last year they sent out about 10 e-mails to everyone asking for more guys to sign up.

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Apparently a ton of girls were interested, and no guys showed interest info from someone who was on the community council. Flag Guy Well-Known Member. Mar 2, 13, 83 Material Engineer Maryland Ratings: If you meet a girl named "Gina", turn and run.

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Other than, run through them hood rats. You must log in or sign up to post here. Athletic events such as football is a very popular event! I would say that most of the school is involved in the football season in one way or another. The dorms that I have been in vary whether doors are open, in Helser where I live it goes by floor I think some floors are more willing to have their doors open then others. I met my closest friends from doing formal recruitment. It was easy to get to know girls that I had common interests with before school started and everyone moved in.

The dating scene isn't to bad either. Being part of the greek life I personally find it very easy to meet people of the opposite sex. Most people at ISU party on the weekends. If I'm up at 2am on a Tuesday I'm most likely doing homework or studying for a test. On a saturday night without drinking I would go to a movie or hangout and have a "chill" night with a couple friends. Off campus I go to frats and sororities and often go out to eat for dinners.

Football games are so much fun! Our team may not be the best, but that will never kill the Cyclone pride!! The student section is the best. I have been proud of Iowa State in the types of speakers and events that are available to students on campus.

Extracurricular Activities: An Iowa State University Junior’s Week On Tinder

People might picture us in the middle of Iowa, out in the nowhere - but the education and life on campus and in Greekland does not accept that image of being lazy people in the middle of nowhere. Things are quality around here. Greek life is strong, and growing.

I am proud to be a part of it!

I refer to "Greekland" a lot - it's what a lot of us use to call the area where the Greek houses are. We are all within walking distance of each other, and the area of the houses is directly across campus with the Greek houses close together.

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So it really feels like a "greek" neighborhood. I was able to balance a crazy schedule with a sorority, school, a job, and the swim team listed on it. I was always busy and I loved it! Every semester I had some position I needed to attend to among the other things I had going on, and doing that really prepared me for life after college.

In my chosen profession we have strict deadlines and not a lot of time to meet them. While at college, I was able to figure out how to manage my time right so that I could get everything done that needed to be. When I graduated and didnt have anything to do, I was lost!

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It was the wierdest feeling to sit at home and just sit I miss the heavy involvement and the people I was able to meet in everything I did. Iowa State has tons to do on the weekends. I usually make lists of all the things going on on the weekends that sounds fun, and then I have to pick because I can't go to them all. Clearly, he is hammered. He takes me to the bar and buys me a drink and a shot of fireball. He is taller and bigger than I imagined, but honestly, I am kind of into it! They continue to say how great of a guy Ryan is and how much he has talked about me.

He is super sweet and makes me feel really comfortable, but I know that it is more of a friend-type hangout than anything else. I tell Ryan I need to go find my friends, and he offers to help me look for them. We scope the bar and he pulls me onto the dance floor, where he gets a little too touchy for my liking.

Yep, for sure only friends. I yell in his ear that I am going to find my friends and go home to bed. He asks if I want to go home with him. I slip away and say maybe next time.

ISU Speed Dating

An hour later, he unmatches with me on Tinder. He tells me again that he just got out of class.

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Getting a little discouraged. But, I am going to keep my head up and just keep having fun. It really is fun to constantly have people wanting to get to know you. I feel so popular! Someone new is thrown into the mix. A boy from Drake University — around 45 minutes away. Tall, blonde, and has green eyes — totally my type. I am more than excited and he is beyond flirty — finally the fun I have been looking for.

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I tell him I am just looking to meet new people and have fun. He lets me know that, unlike Brian, he is not looking for a relationship and immediately asks what I am doing tonight.

I take a break from Tinder. My parents come to town to go to the game with my friends and I, and we all go out to some of my favorite bars that night. I honestly am getting frustrated with my chatting record. I reach out to Seth and ask him how his Sunday has been and what he has been up to. Out of all the boys so far, he is the most consistent with being a good mixture of cute and awesome at replying. We bond over how ready we are for break. I consider asking him if he would ever want to do homework together since we seem to have a weird connection over that.

Seth asks how my day is and at this point, I feel like I know a lot about this guy. I actually really have appreciated that he has come back to talk to me each and every day. Seth calls me out again for not following him back on Insta. Major mistake on my end, lol.