Acupuncture is a general term for using long-standing techniques of diagnosis, treatment, and therapy using diagnostic techniques that include detailed history-taking, pulse analysis, constitutional analysis, and rigorous physical exams through 5 element, and 12 Channel, systems.

Integrative medicine such as practiced at Towne Veterinary Clinic, uses both traditional Western medicine (exams, lab samples, post mortems, pharmaceuticals) and Eastern medicine (exams, needling, aquapuncture, moxa, electroacupuncture) to provide quality analysis, preventative medicine, therapeutic medicine for the client's animals (Large Animal, Small Animal).

Acupuncture in veterinary medicine is used for external problems such as muscle aches/pain, allergies, behavior therapy, lameness and internal medical problems like pneumonia, liver disease, kidney disease, diarrhea, and failure to thrive (cardiac problems, degestive problems).  For the healthy animal it is used for general tuneups, improved immunity, and reproduction.